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Our Story


Blanco Coffee Indonesia started as a locally owned coffee shop located in the heart of Jogjakarta. It begin to expand its business as the Founder believes that Indonesian specialty coffee deserves a place in International market. We understand that there is lack of number of specialty coffee producers in Indonesia while the demand is continue growing. We made a huge step to test the market by participating in the Indonesian Coffee Festival held in the Netherland. We carried one type of Indonesian specialty coffee, Aceh Gayo along to the festival. We set up experiments to see the visitors impression of the coffee and it turned out that people were really surprised. Most visitors compliment how unique and good the coffee taste. This moment has become the turning point for us to get involved in the coffee bean export business with a purpose of bringing several missions.


Beside our mission to meet the global demand, Blanco Coffee has a high ambition to introduce the uniqueness of Indonesian coffee on an international scale. Under Blanco Coffee Indonesia, we are putting extra effort for enhancing Indonesian coffee bean character. At the same time, we understood that this attempt would also impact the community lives who are involved in the coffee bean chain. Currently, Blanco is building a supply chain allowing our community to live better through fair trade that would also elevate our end product. By providing qualified Indonesian coffee bean to the global market, Blanco is being part of the solution in promoting Indonesian commodity and community empowerment.

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