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Jakarta, 25 October 2018. After a year of back and participating to the various international exhibition, on Thursday, 25 October 2018 we are pleased to announce that we finally reached an agreement with Belgium Specialty Coffee Importer for our Arundaya Bean. Took place at ICE BSD in Trade Expo Indonesia 2018 event, our CEO, Bimo Pramana, were signing a contract with our partner from Belgium.

We’re waiting for this moment for a long time since we started to expand our business in coffee export. By this agreement, we hope that our Arundaya Beans will be available across European countries. So, our beans will be easily found by European buyers. In another hand, we also hope that Indonesia will be recognized as one of great specialty coffee producer in the world. And in the end, after this agreement, we also hope that we can collaborate with partners to make sustainable production and raise the farmer’s wealth.


Ed: Lola, Rizqi