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Senin , 20 Juni 2016, 21:09 WIB

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON — Indonesian coffee is being promoted once again in the Netherlands, attracting a number of communities in The Hague. The effort is part of the Indonesian government’s policy to strengthen economic diplomatic relationship with the Netherlands.

The Indonesian coffee was introduced to the Netherlands through the Indonesian Coffee Festival at New Babylon Meeting Center.

The festival was organized by the Indonesian Consulate (KBRI) for The Hague, along with the Netherlands Indonesian Student Association (PPI) and PPI The Hague, Azis Nurwahyudi, The Hague KBRI Social and Culture Counselor told Antara in London on Monday.

Indonesian Ambassador for the Netherlands, Wesaka Puja, said in his welcome speech that coffee is one of Indonesia’s seeded export products, and the country is the fourth biggest coffee producer in the world. Indonesian coffee needs to be introduced to the global market, especially Europe.

Head of PPI in The Hague Priska Astasari had earlier remarked that this joint event was a platform to promote Indonesia’s economic sector. A total of 7 enterprises from Indonesia were invited. These were Adena Coffee, De Ngokow Coffee, Ephraim Coffee, Daya Asasta, Mr. O and Blanco Coffee and Book.

The festival also featured talk shows about Indonesian coffee. Christian Julianto Charis from Ephraim Coffee opened a discussion about coffee bean farms in Indonesia.

It covered the history of coffee beans in the country to the concept of sustainable coffee production recommended to coffee farmers and producers. There were also discussions about the taste difference when it comes to coffee beans from different areas in Indonesia, led by Sara Datuk from Javanusa.

The discussions dwelled on the difference between coffee beans from Aceh Gayo, West Java, to Papua, each bearing a uniqueness of its own. Aki Baihaki explained the concept of fair trade in the coffee business, stressing that the trade need to be beneficial not only to business houses but also to the coffee farmers.

Barista Yakup Aydin completed the festival as he demonstrated the steps in making a cup of espresso and displayed attractive latte art. Bimo Pramana from Blanco Coffee and Book Jogjakarta shared his experience and knowledge of the European coffee market, especially in the Netherlands. The festival also gave a chance to coffee business houses from both countries to network with each other.

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Source: http://en.republika.co.id/berita/en/international/16/06/20/o92pzg317-indonesian-coffee-promoted-in-the-hague