Indonesia Coffee Event 2019

Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Indonesia Coffee Event (ICE) 2019 was over on Sunday, February 24, 2019 ago. The largest series of coffee competition event in Indonesia raises new names as winners this year. ICE 2019 event competed in four competitions, namely Indonesia Barista Championship (IBC), Indonesia Latte Art Championship (ILAC), Indonesia Brewer Championship (IBrC), and Indonesia Cup Tester Championship (ICTC).

Before national level were held, regional level were previously held to select participants for competing in national level. Regional Competition is divided into two regions, Western Region was held in Bandung, West Java and the Eastern Region located in Makassar, South Sulawesi.


This year, Blanco Kopi Indonesia sent two representatives to participate in ICE 2019, Aca Bagus on IBrC and Irfan Wahyudi on ICTC. Irfan Wahyudi succeed to be one of the participants who made it to national level and  even reached semi-finals at the national level. Even though he doesn’t succeed to take home the winner title, but Irfan has achieved a very impressive result, he ranked 8th on the national level for his first participation in this competition.


Following is the list of ICE 2019 winners who will represent Indonesia at the World Barista Championship (Boston) and World Coffee Event (Berlin):

IBC: Mikael Fransiskus M J

ILAC: Restu Sadam Hasan

IBrC: M Fakhri

ICTC: Rahmat F


We wish them a good luck!


Ed: Rizqi & Lola