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On 5th – 7th of October 2018, Blanco Coffee Indonesia has successfully held its first project ever of Coffee & Cultural Trip in Gayo Highland. Coffee enthusiasts from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Sipirog participated in this trip. They have the same purpose on why they choose to participate in this trip, they wanted to learn deeper about how coffee bean is being processed.

Pak Hamdan gave a speech to open our trip project

This trip was officially opened by our host, Pak Hamdan. He started to introduce about Pantan Musara village where this trip is located, how he and his family finally live in this village and decided to focus on coffee business. On our first day, we have special guests from Gayo Cupper Team, Pak Mahdi and his team. It was fun, and not only participants who were excited about this cupping session but our farmers and coffee processors were excited as well.

Cupping session with Gayo Cupper Team

Our second day began with picked the coffee cherries directly from its plantation. Then our coffee processor, Hendra Maulizar, started to explain the process after it was picked, namely pulping, wetmill process, drymill process, sorting, and etc.

Hendra explain the process of pulping and fermenting cherries

The participants had the opportunity to experience how to do the process by themselves. Around 3pm, we were saying goodbye to Pantan Musara team and began to explore Takengon city. Our first destination in Takengon was Aroma Kopi, one of the biggest roastery in Takengon city. Then we visited one of coffee shop with the breathtaking view of Lake Lut Tawar in Takengon, Bayakmi Coffee. And then this trip was closed by visiting Festival Panen Kopi Gayo, which is held in Gunung Suku, Takengon, Gayo Highland.

On our way to the plantation

Overall the enthusiasts and impression of this trip from participants was great. And some of participants are already waiting for the next trip. From this trip, you are not only get the knowledge of how coffee is being processed, but also its culture, its history, and its philosophy. And the best part is you also get new family and friends.

Photo session with all participant and coffee trip team

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