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Jakarta, Blanco Kopi Indonesia in collaboration with Gayo coffee processor, Hendra Maulizar, presents an extraordinary coffee trip entitled “Coffee & Cultural Trip”, with hashtag “Your Coffee Journey Start Here”. This trip will be held in 3 days at 5-7 October 2018 in Pantan Musara, Takengon, Central Aceh, Indonesia.

As you may know, Gayo is one of the recognized popular district which produces the best quality of coffee bean in the world. Beside that, Gayo is also the largest arabica coffee producer in Southeast Asia. For Gayo people drinking coffee is one of their culture. With the developing of drinking coffee culture in the society, many people started wondering how the coffee is being processed and how coffee is influencing the culture of people around the plantation. Based on the phenomenon above, we create the coffee short course which facilitates a sharing knowledge of the process after-harvest of coffee bean between farmers, coffee experts and public to answer their curiosity of society. This course is not only for coffee experts who wanted to go deeper but also for people who has the curiosity of coffee beans.

During the trip, participants will learn and experience deeper about the journey of coffee. Started from harvesting to post-harvesting. The course will be delivered by the expert in each of coffee stages, and also there will be a cupping session with Gayo Q-grader. Moreover, participants will feel the excitement of annual event, Festival Panen Kopi, in Takengon.

After the completion of the event, we hope all participants will get more insights and knowledge about coffee, more aware about the life of coffee farmers, and more aware of the environment.

Ed: Lola & Rizqi